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Sitex GPK-11C NMEA 0183 Output GPS Sensor

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Sitex GPK-11C NMEA 0183 Output

Model: GPK-11
  • Delivers bettter than 2 meter accuracy
  • Low Profile Housing, Pole or Flush mountable
  • IP67
  • Works with any Si-Tex Chartplotter
  • Outputs NMEA-0183 GGA, RMC, GSA, GSV, TXT
  • Inputs voltage 10v DC to 35v DC @0.8W
  • Works with any Si-Tex unit and any unit requiring NMEA-0183 input of GPS

Smart SDGPS Sensor Antenna based on a 16 ch. GPS

Overal Dimensions97 x 32 mm (flush/pole/rail mounting)
Weight160 grams (without cable)
Cable15 meter 8 x 28AWG
Input Voltage10-35V DC
Power Consumption0.8W max
Electrical InterfaceTTL voltage levels, RS-232 polarity
Recieving Method/Frequency16 channels parallel (up to 3 for WAAS Satellites); 1575.42MhZ (LI, C/A code)
Time to First Fix (TTFF) Warm start: 33 seconds (typical); Cold Start: 40 seconds (typical)
Accuracy PositionLess than 2.5m CEPI 5.0m SEP2; GPD: (SA=Off, HDOP<4); Less than 2.0mCEPI 3.0SEP2; DGPS: (SA=OFF, HDOP<4)
Dynamics AccelerationStrong Signals <=4g; Weak Signals typical 1g
Altitude/Velocity1800 m/1850 km/h (515 m/sec)
Output Format/NMEA0193 Baud rate 4800 N81; GGA, RMC, GSA, GSV
Output MessagesTXT
Geodetic DatumWGS84
Operating Temperature/Storage Temperaturefrom 0°to +60°C / from 20° to +85°C
Relative Humidity/Water Resistance95% non condensing/IPX7
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