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Raymarine CP570 CHIRP Sonar Module

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Raymarine CP570 Professional Grade CHRIP Sonar Module

Model: E70258
UPC: 723193788271

Engineered for serious anglers, the CP570 sonar module bring best-in-class target separation and high resolution CHIRP sonar imagery to Raymarine multifunction displays. Using a wide spectrum of frequencies and greater sensitivity the CP570's advanced CHIRP transceiver can see through dense schools of baitfish, identify thermoclines, and simultaneously target desired game fish.

Rated for offshore use and rough conditions, the CP570 intelligently filters out unwanted noise while producing high resolution fish targets and reliable bottom tracking.

For the professional angler the CP570’s two fully independent sonar channels deliver faster target identification and up to 4kW of combined output power.

Serious Offshore Sonar
Superior target definition and enhanced sensitivity using Raymarine’s exclusive wide spectrum CHIRP sonar technology.

  • Target fish, identify bait, and track the sea floor down to 10,000ft. (3,000m) with two adjustable CHIRP sonar channels.
  • Hunt for fish in different parts of the water column with the CP570’s two fully independent 2kW sonar channels.

Stunning Detail & Clarity
With 10 times the resolution of ordinary sonars the CP570 delivers sharper, more defined fish targets and automatically filter out unwanted noise so you never miss the action below.

  • TruZoom™ magnification mode reveals extra target detail without any loss of resolution
  • The CP570’s ultra-fast ping rate processing delivers accurate bottom tracking in extreme offshore conditions

Easy To Customise
Choose optional low, medium, and high CHIRP frequency transducers in standard or wide-beam to match your fishing preferences.

  • The CP570 automatically recognizes connected transducers and adjust sonar parameters for optimized performance
  • View and control each CHIRP channel independently and create your own combination of full or split screen sonar windows on Raymarine’s LightHouse II powered multifunction displays

Sonar TypeWide Spectrum CHIRP
PowerMax 4kW output using 2 independent CHIRP channels
Frequency & ChannelsDual independent CHIRP channels from 25 to 250kHz
Depth Range10,000ft (3,000m)
TruZoom™ TruZoom™ provides magnified views of fish targets, bottom structure, and baitfish without loss of resolution as seen by traditional sonar
Waterproofing standardIPX6 waterproof rugged aluminum enclosure
CompatibilityaSeries, cSeries, eSeries, gS Series
ConnectionsPower connection, Network connection (RayNet connector) 10/100 Mb/s, Transducer connection
Input Voltage12/24 V DC
Input Draw30.6W (Maximum)
Dimensions13.8" W x 9.8" H x 4.3" D
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