ProMariner ProNautic 2420P 20 Amp Battery Charger 24v 3 Bank 120/240v InputZoom

ProMariner ProNautic 2420P 20 Amp Battery Charger 24v 3 Bank 120/240v Input

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ProMariner ProNautic 2420P 3 Bank 20 Amp 24vDC Battery Charger 100-240VAC input

Model: 63170
  • ProMar Digital Charging Performance - 12 Selectable Profiles
  • Power Factor Correction - Global AC Input
  • Distributed On Demand Technology
  • Digital Self-Calculating Absorption and Battery Health Re-Conditioning Mode
  • Conservation Energy Saver Mode
  • Service and Fault Mode LED Indicators
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation and Built-in Safety

Industry recognized with the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award, ProNauticP employs our Generation 3 ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform which combines all digital control and softwarebased power conversion technology with global energy management features. ProNauticP addresses the trend of incorporating and using more 12-volt electronics onboard today's power, sail, cruising and sport fishing boats. Boasting twelve digitally-controlled performance charging profiles with finger tip selection, ProNauticP fully charges, conditions, maintains and re-conditions batteries while extending battery life and maximizing battery reserve power performance. Designed to provide more time on the water enjoying what you like most?boating.

Output Voltage24vDC
Output Amps20
Input Voltage100-240 Autoranging
Dimensions10.25" x 8.5" x 3.5"
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