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Polyplanar MP3-KIT-A MP3 Amp And Speaker Kit

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Poly-Planar's MP3 Kit provides the ability to have stereo sound on small watercraft such as Jet Skis, inflatables or tenders. The waterproof (To IP-65) ME-50 Amplifier can be mounted underneath a seat or inside the boat's structure. The IC-3.5 MP3 Adapter and Volume Control can be mounted on the dash or inside the stowage compartment. This provides a convenient input for portable MP3 or CD players. And with the included Poly-Planar MA-4055 5" Waterproof Speakers, you'll have crisp, clear stereo sound on the go!

MP3 Kit for Small Watercraft Kit Includes:

  • ME-50 - 50 watt waterproof amplifier with separate panel mount waterproof volume control
  • IC3.5-PM - Panel mount 3.5mm MP3 connector for iPod® or other MP3 players
  • MA-4055 - 5" coaxial waterproof speakers with speaker wires included
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