Newmar CS-1 Connector Strip F/ 16G Wire

Newmar CS-1 Connector Strip F/ 16G Wire
  • Molded nylon encases 6 or 12 pairs of connectors that use screw compression to secure wires without use of lugs. ideal for electronic installations. Brass barrels capture wires and are held in place with a stainless steel ?finger" compressed by a screw. The screw does not make contact with the wires, protecting the copper strands from cuts and breakage ? Meets ABYC standards. (Same connector strip used in BX Series boxes.)
  • Strips are easily cut to meet wiring requirements and space limitations.
Model # of Terminal Pairs Max Wire Gauge Max Amps* Size
CS-1 12 16 6 3.75" x .675" x .5"
CS-2 12 14 10 4.5" x .75" x .75"
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