Navpod GP1402 InstrumentPod for four instrumentsZoom

Navpod GP1402 InstrumentPod for four instruments

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NAVGP1402 InstrumentPod

Model: GP1402
  • InstrumentPod Pre-Cut for four instruments (Simrad IS42 / B&G Triton /AP44 square holes) for 9.5" wide guard

The GP1401 InstumentPod comes Pre-Cut for mounting four Instruments on a 9.5? wide guard. The Pre-Cut hole is 3.6? in diameter found on most populate 110mm square instruments. An InstrumentPod is best mounted on a StraightGuard or on the upper portion of a Double Bend AngleGuard with a SailPod mounted below.

Overall6.5, 21.875, 4.33
Usable Face5, 19.5, 3.125
Max Cutout4.125, 19.3
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