Magnum MM-RC25 6 LED Remote With 25' CableZoom

Magnum MM-RC25 6 LED Remote With 25' Cable

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The MM-RC remote control is designed to be simple to install and use. It allows easy control and provides a quick indication of the inverter and charger operation of the MM Series, MM-AE Series and MMS series inverter/chargers.

This remote has an ON/OFF switch that performs the same function as the ON/OFF switch on the front of the MM Series, MM-AE Series, and MMS Series inverter/chargers. This remote control also has LED indicators to show the current operating mode of the inverter, to help troubleshoot you system and to provide charging status.

This remote is recommended for the MM Series, MM-AE Series and MMS Series inverter/chargers; such as the MM1212, MM612AE, MM1512AE, MM1524AE and MMS1012 models. This remote can also be used with the ME, MS, MS-AE, RD and RD-E Series inverter/chargers; provided they do not require any inverter or charger programming changes.


LEDs  Six LEDs: Invert, AC In, Fault Modes, Bulk, Absorb, and Float

On/Off: Turns inverter or charger on or off and defeats ?search? mode

Mounting Includes bezel for suface mount or flush mount

Included with the Remote 25? phone cable

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