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Megaware SkegGuard® 27171 Stainless Steel Replacement Skeg

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Megaware SkegGuard® 27171 Stainless Steel Replacement Skeg

Model Guide

Honda - 35-40-45-50 4 Stroke 1991-Present 90 4 Stroke 2008-Present

Mariner - 40-50-60 2 Stroke 1986-2002

Mercury - 40 2 Stroke 1989-2002 50 2 Stroke 1986-1999 60 1990-2000

Nissan/Tohatsu - 35-40-50 2 Stroke 1993-Present

Suzuki - 40-50-60-70 4 Stroke 2003-Present

Yamaha - 40-50-55-85 CV 2 Stroke 1984-1995 60 2 Stroke Enduro 1995-2006 75 2 Stroke Enduro 1996-1999

Inexpensive Solution to a Broken Skeg - Save Hundreds of Dollars on Skeg Repairs & ReplacementMegaware SkegGuard® provides the best of two worlds. It will protect and prevent damage to your motor’s skeg and can also be used to repair and replace an already broken skeg.Protect Your Skeg with the Best ProtectorThe Megaware SkegGuard® is constructed of high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel that incorporates an extra reinforced wear tab across the bottom where the skeg is most vulnerable.

This 3mm thickened lower plate will withstand damage or abrasion from hidden rocks and debris or accidental ramp dragging. The Megaware SkegGuard® conforms to your lower unit to insure there is no discernible drag or compromise in performance. A drain hole keeps water from collecting and remaining stagnant.

Secured with self-locking hardware, the Megaware SkegGuard® can be installed with common tools in less than 10 minutes. It will provide years of service and save hundreds of dollars in potential repairs.

If replacing an already broken skeg, the Megaware SkegGuard® can be installed on a lower unit with as little as 2 inches of skeg remaining. It will be stronger and much more affordable than welding and replacing a lower skeg.

Megaware SkegGuard® is available in models to fit virtually any skeg.


Megaware guarantees your Megaware SkegGuard® for a period of three years from the date of purchase. Please retain receipt for proof of purchase date.


Mirror Polished Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Thickened Lower Wear Tab Protects Against Ramp Dragging and is Great for River Running

Drain Hole Prevents Corrosion and Freezing

Won’t Compromise Performance

Do-It-Yourself Install in Less than 10 Minutes

Installs with as Little as 2-3 Inches of Skeg Remaining
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