Megaware KeelGuardŽ - 12' - RedZoom

Megaware KeelGuardŽ - 12' - Red

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KeelGuardŽ - 12' - Red

The Original Do-It-Yourself Keel Protector - Protect Your Investment Against Sand, Rocks & Ramps

Wear and damage to your boat’s keel can break down its protective gelcoat finish, allowing water to reach and destroy the fiberglass laminates. Megaware KeelGuardŽ, the powerful abrasion-resistant protector, prolongs the life of your boat like nothing else.

Megaware KeelGuardŽ Engineering

Every aspect of the Megaware KeelGuardŽ has been designed with boat designers and 3MŽ engineers. Many factors contribute to its success. A precise, abrasive-resistant blend of polymers and urethanes achieve optimal durability and pliability. A pressure-sensitive adhesive creates strength, while permanently bonding and sealing Megaware KeelGuardŽ’s contoured edges to the hull surface. Angled grooves produce hydrodynamic channels, creating air pockets and providing a slicker surface. The perfect combination of these factors makes the Megaware KeelGuardŽ the easiest keel protector to install, and gives it unparalleled quality and dependability.

Megaware KeelGuardŽ Colors & Sizes

Megaware KeelGuardŽ comes in 11 great looking colors to match virtually any boat. All colors are UV-stabilized for true color that lasts a lifetime. Megaware KeelGuardŽ is available in nine standard lengths or can be ordered in custom lengths.

Lifetime WarrantyMegaware guarantees this Megaware KeelGuardŽ (to the original purchaser), against abrasive wear and adhesion failure during normal use of your boat, for as long as you own your boat.


Color: Red

KeelGuardŽ Size: 12'

Boat Size up to 30'

3MŽ Technology

3MŽ Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

Pliable & Tough

Research & Technology

Contoured Edge

Protect Against Abrasive Sand, Rocks, Concrete Ramps and Oyster Beds

Eliminate Costly Repairs

Enjoy the Highest Quality and Superior Engineering

Increase the Value of Your Boat

5” Width: Contact for Custom Sizes

Made in the USA
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