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Lumitec Mantis Dock Light Kit

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Lumitec Mantis Dock Light Kit

Model: 101525

Lumitec’s Mantis Dock Light system leverages the cutting edge Quattro Spectrum underwater light, but adds an innovative Zip-Mount™ universal mounting system and a completely new full-immersion rear seal and wire technology. Lights mount easily to square or round pilings up to 14" in diameter / 12" square — even on pilings with the typical ‘fenders’ above the waterline. Like the SeaBlaze Quattro Spectrum, Mantis’ lights are powerful (2,000+ lumens) and reliable. A typical installation takes less than 90 minutes, and doesn’t even require a permit in many municipalities. Once installed select a mesmerizing full-color RGBW cross fade, bright fish-attracting white, or virtually any user-selected color output. Or add an optional fourth light for even more brilliance. The UL Listed system is powered by an IP68 rated power supply in a durable weatherproof enclosure, and is easily plugged in to any standard outlet for quick and easy DIY installation. All wiring, connectors, mounts, and hardware included. 3 year warranty.

Lumens (White)2000 x 3
Current draw2.1A @ 12vDC, 1.1A @ 24vDC
Rated watts25 per light
Time Toggled ProtocolYes
Third Party Dimmer Compatibility (3PD)No
Color Match Commitment (CM):NA
Mounting Hole Diameter0.5"

What's in the Box:
  • Power Supply
  • Quattro Spectrum Lights with 30' cable x 3
  • Zip tie mounts x 3
  • Mounting hardware
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