Lewmar Size 40 Low Profile Hatch Flange BaseZoom

Lewmar Size 40 Low Profile Hatch Flange Base

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Support System Lower Frame (in) Acrylic Colour Hatch Weight (lb) Acrylic Window Thickness (in)
Self Supporting 9/16 Smoke Grey 10.1 5/16


Length X (in) Width Y (in) Height Z (in) Radii R (in) Cut-Out Length X1 (in) Cut-Out Width Y1 (in) Cut-Out Radii R1 (in)
19 5/16 19 5/16 1 2 7/8 16 9/16 16 9/16 1 11/16

Mounting Instructions
Fit to a flat surface with a maximum tolerance of +/- 1mm. Fastening size at hinge section use M6 (1/4"). Fastening size for lower frame use 5mm CSK screw No.10 UNC 2 BA.

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