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TracVision TV5

Combine Big Performance with Compact Size

With 30% greater reception than other 45cm (18") systems, you'll enjoy satellite TV reception where few others can provide it. TracVision TV5 offers outstanding high performance tracking and reception, as well as compatibility with DIRECTV® U.S., DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide. This rugged system is ideal for sportfishing boats or boats venturing offshore or to the islands.

Sophisticated Technology that's Simple to Use

With advanced technology from KVH, the leader in marine satellite television, the TracVision TV5 provides fast satellite acquisition no matter what the sea conditions, and stays locked on ensuring excellent performance. For ease of use, KVH integrated simplicity into its sophisticated technology: TracVision TV-Hub, a streamlined IP-enabled antenna control unit, enables automatic satellite switching User-friendly interface provides a wizard for easy installation and setup as well as system information at your fingertips from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer


45cm (18") diameter antenna features proprietary RingFire™ technology for stronger signals, wider geographic coverage, and better reception

Supports DIRECTV U.S., DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide

Supports multiple receiver installations

Low elevation angle for better tracking in northern latitudes

Linear Universal Quad LNB configuration offers optional built-in GPS and autoskew

Tri-Americas LNB option for seamless TV throughout the Americas

Sleek IP-enabled TracVision TV-Hub delivers easy setup and operation, and easy user interface for system information from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer

HDTV compatible (Ku-band services only)

Integrated Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM-8) built into belowdecks TV-Hub supports up to 8 DIRECTV receivers

Single coaxial cable for power, data, and video enables easy installations and retrofits

DVB-S2 compatible

Advanced inertial-based stabilized search for fast satellite acquisition

High performance tracking with advanced algorithms for crystal-clear television picture in heavy seas

Built-in worldwide satellite library

IP AutoSwitch option for multiple receiver installations - for simple auto-switching on Dish Pro and DiSEqC-compatible services

World-class warranty coverage and support

Exclusive Technology:

TracVision TV-Hub

The innovative TracVision TV-Hub integrates the advanced functionality of the TV-series system into one streamlined unit:

IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface allows access to system information from any Wi-Fi device

Automatic satellite switching makes it easy to access all programming and local channels wherever you travel, and with whatever service you use

Built-in SWM-compatible technology supports DIRECTV programming

Built-in DISH Pro output supports DISH Network and Bell TV service

Built-in DiSEqC protocol supports linear TV services around the world

Two output ports provide the flexibility to use legacy receivers and expand SWM capability

Status indicators quickly convey information about antenna function and power

10-30 VDC input provides power to the TV-Hub, which in turn provides power to the antenna

NMEA 0183/2000 input for heading and GPS enable fastest satellite acquisition

RingFire Technology:

KVH's proprietary RingFire technology is a remarkable breakthrough in antenna design, fusing precisely shaped, tuned parabolic dish antennas with custom-designed, dual-mode feed tubes and uniquely modified LNBs. RingFire technology provides unmatched illumination of the reflector resulting in signal strengths comparable to competitors' larger antennas. This means that with TracVision, you'll enjoy wider geographic coverage and better reception than with competing antennas, even in extreme weather.
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