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i3 Linear System w/14.6" Reflector & Universal Dual LNB

** This unit will only work on Sky Mexico and Sky Brazil **

The Intellian i3 provides superior tracking performance and efficiency compared to antenna systems in similar size. With its stylish dome, the i3 is ideal for boats over 25 feet. The i3 brings boaters the excitement and variety of satellite TV programs while the vessels are traveling around coastal or blue water.

You will never have to compromise on reception or quality. The i3 offers the highest signal strength available along with Intellian patented innovations, Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies. Therefore, the i3 can always offer the most precision tracking capabilities and superior satellite signal reception while the vessel is cruising at high speed or in rough sea conditions.

The most innovative design of i3 is the integrated smart HD and TriSat modules in the antenna control unit (ACU) which allows boaters to access their favorite HDTV channels from leading satellite TV service providers freely just like they are used to do at home. Combined with the new built in WiFi enables simple one-touch upgrades using the Aptus App.

The i3 brings you trouble-free installation and operation with its single cable design between the antenna and the control unit. With the Intellian MIM, boaters can enjoy changing Dish Network HD channels with automatic satellite switching just like a home system. See the installation guide of DISH Network MIM for further details. MIM Switch (M2-TD02) sold separately. ( Plus, the Intellian i3 has a built-in GPS system to enhance satellite acquisition time and accuracy. For DirecTV users the Intellian i3 offers the full range of SD channels, upgrade to the Intellian s6HD for HD programing from DirecTV.


Fully Automated System

Automatic satellite search and identification function

2-axis step motor for manipulating the pedestal

High Quality Antenna:

14.6 inch (37 cm) diameter of parabola-type antenna for receiving Ku-Band (10.7 12.75GHz) satellite signal

LHCP/RHCP or Horizontal/Vertical polarization

Enabling powerful signal gain

Superior Dynamic Tracking:

Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) using a rotating sub-reflector with high speed BLDC motor

Fastest Search Algorithm:

Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm

Statistical search algorithm ensures rapid signal lock

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Signal Identification:

High speed identification employing a DVB decoder QPSK demodulator lock for DSS signals

Built-in GPS System:

Embedded GPS, which allows for the system to upload the GPS data automatically into the system

New Antenna Control Unit:

Easy satellite information change and update via WiFi using the Aptus App

Easy antenna status check and automatic diagnosis

Easy antenna control using Aptus graphical control App

Reliable power supply to the antenna and to the MIM module

Embedded HD module and TriSat function

Easy Installation:

Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a

2-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with

your hardware investment

All Satellite Systems include the following parts as standard:

Antenna & Radome 14.6" Reflector & North American LNB

ACU (Antenna Control Unit) with WiFi connection for upgrades

Built-in HD Module for Ku-Band HD (when available)

Built-in GPS and NMEA 0183 GPS interface

Built-in Pre-programmed Global satellite library

Aptus App, downloadable

Installation & Operation Manual

Installation Template

Quick Installation Guide

Cable Kit:

49ft (15 m) x 1EA Antenna-ACU RG6 Coaxial Cables

10ft (3 m) x 1EA ACU-IRD RG6 Coaxial Cables

33ft (10 m) x 1EA DC ACU Power Cable

6ft (1.8 m) x 1EA PC Serial Cable
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