Hubbel HBL100AITW 25kVA 60Hz Isolation Transformer WhiteZoom

Hubbel HBL100AITW 25kVA 60Hz Isolation Transformer White

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Hubbell 25kVA 60 Hz Isolation Transformer, White

Model: HBL100AITW
  • UL listed, CSA certified and UL-3R enclosures meets or exceeds all listing criteria including NEMA, ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Shielded for cleaner power
  • Encapsulated and completely enclosed design electrical grade silica and resin compounds completely enclose the core and coil to seal out all moisture and air. UL Type 3R enclosure for indoor or outdoor service. Encapsulation eliminates corrosion and insulation deterioration
  • Quiet operation with sound levels well below NEMA standards
  • Long life UL class 155°C insulation system. 115°C rise thru .750 kVA; 180°C insulation system, 115°C rise, 1 kVA and above
  • Exceeds ABYC’s 4000 Volt HIPOT test requirement
  • Made for the Marine Industry by The Shore Power Experts
  • 12.5% Taps
  • Two Full Current-Carrying Shields
  • Vibration-Resistant
Dimensions18.44" H x 16.13" W x 13.34" D
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