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Small in size, the 1623 is big on power, clarity and advanced radar features. The slim-line monochrome LCD display and lightweight radome antenna make it ideal for power or sail boats as small as 17 feet.

This 2.2kW radar has a 16 nautical mile range, yet will zoom down to 1/8 nautical mile for tight navigation in harbors and inlets. The 1623 radar lets you readily identify objects, thanks to a high definition 6" Silver Bright LCD screen that clearly separates targets. Plus, the four-tone target display lets you easily differentiate between stronger and weaker echoes, helping to alert you of any danger.

Includes 10M Standard Signal Cable

Standard Features:

-Waterproof, 6 Inch Silver Bright Monochrome LCD Display

-13 User Selectable Range Scales from 1/8 to 16 N.M.

-Ergonomic design with predictable menu

-Display Resolution of 240(H) X 320(V) Dots

-Targets Displayed in up to 4 Levels of Gray Tones

-2.2 Kilowatt Transmitter Unit

-New Tri-speed 15" radome antenna, increases RPM at short ranges for better target accuracy

-3 Transmitter Pulse lengths and Repetition Rates

-Linear Receiver with 10 dB Noise Figure

-Automatic Receiver Tuning

-Automatic or Manual Sea-Clutter (STC) Adjustment

-Automatic or Manual Receiver Gain Adjustment

-Sector Blanking

-Rain Clutter (FTC) Control

-Echo Stretch and Interference Rejection Modes

-Watchman Mode to control the Radar system for Vessel Safety

-Reverse Video Display (White Targets and Marks on a Black Background)

-Full Screen Navigation Data Display in the Standby Mode*

-Omni Pad Control for rapid Cursor and Menu Operation

-Picture Off-Center Shift

-Electronic Bearing Line and Variable Range Marker

-Target or Echo Trails with Selectable Time Intervals

-Waypoint Lollipop On-Screen to aid in Vessel Navigation*

-Adjustable Duplex (In or Out) Radar Guard Zone Alarm

-TLL (Target Lat/Lon) output for use with plotter (must accept TLL sentence info)*

-Time offset adjustment

-[PROG] key provides menu shortcuts

-User programmable Nav Data Screens

-Ability to connect BBWGPS GPS/WAAS receiver

-Wind indication with appropriate sensor input

Shipping Information

-24 lbs., 1 Carton

Power Requirements

-12 or 24 VDC Only, 36 Watts

-Approximately 8 Watts, in Standby/Watchman Mode


* Appropriate Nav Data Input Required.

This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.
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