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CMOR Mapping MDGR003R Middle Grounds Raymarine

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CMOR Mapping MDGR003S

Middle Grounds Simrad

Model: MDGR003S
  • The Florida Middle Grounds Version 3 CMOR card, released July 17, 2019, now includes a huge expansion of the Florida Middle Grounds (mostly west of the grounds), Expanded Elbow Coverage, 20sq miles East of Clearwater (8-14nm offshore), and the 40 break from steamboat lumps up to the twin ridges. Some of the pipeline is now coverage in great detail.
  • The Middle Grounds section covers 1000 square miles, with depths ranging from 75' to 225'.
  • The Steam Boat Lumps section covers 150 square miles with depths ranging from 220' to 500'.
  • The Elbow section covers 50 square miles with depths ranging from 144' to 215'.
  • The 40 Break from Twin Ridges south to Steam Boat Lumps
  • Pipeline (north of Steamboat Lumps)
  • 20sq miles offshore Clearwater (8-15nm) with depths ranging from 38-55ft.

Although the Middle Grounds is among the best fishing and diving areas in the Gulf of Mexico, it's still critical to know where you're going once you invest the time and fuel to make the trip.

CMOR Mapping bathymetry arms you with more and better data than anybody else on the water.

NOAA Chart 11006 is included in the background.

All CMOR Cards except those for Furuno come on Micro SD cards with a standard SD adapter included.

CMOR cards are compatible with all units capable of running the Lighthouse II, Lighthouse 3, and Sport interfaces. In order to support CMOR Mapping, units must have at least v17 software installed. Units include:
Axiom Series
Axiom Pro
Hydbrid Touch
eS Series
gS Series
Dragonfly Series

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