Airmar B285C-M Thru-Hull Medium CHIRP With Mix-N-Match ConnectorZoom

Airmar B285C-M Thru-Hull Medium CHIRP With Mix-N-Match Connector

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Airmar B285C-M Thru-Hull

Medium CHIRP

Model: B285C-M-MM
  • Depth and Temperature
  • 85-135 kHz Frequency
  • Bronze housing
  • 1 kW
  • 16° - 11° Beamwidth
  • Exclusive Xducer ID® technology

As Chirp continues to redefine recreational fishing, AIRMAR has expanded the lineup of broadband transducers to satisfy the growing demand for this game changing technology. New to the market is the B285M, an economical Chirp transducer designed for offshore fishing and freshwater anglers. Operating at a frequency range of 85-135 kHz, these transducers reveal fish in shallow, murky waters at medium depths (up to 1,500 feet) along with ultra-clear target resolution.

A tilted element model in the Chirp Thru-Hull product line, the B285M Chirps across the following bandwidth:

M Model - Medium Frequency 85-135 kHz

Hull DeadriseUp to 24°
Acoustic Window Urethane
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