Vesper External GPS Antenna w/8" Cable f/Cortex M1Zoom

Vesper External GPS Antenna w/8" Cable f/Cortex M1

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External GPS Antenna with 8" Cable for Cortex M1

External GPS Antenna for Cortex M1 with 8" (200mm) cable. This multi-constellation GNSS Antenna is designed as an external antenna for the Cortex Hub, WatchMate Vision, or XB series of AIS transponders . It is IP67 and UV stable for use in a harsh marine environment. GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) includes GPS, GLONASS, Bei Dou and Gallileo positioning networks.


  • Small SMA connector for easy installation
  • Pre-wired 200mm (8”) RF cable for easy servicing
  • Two mounting confi gurations (deck or under deck)
  • UV stable housing provides good color stability


  • UV stable plastic with a zinc-plated alloy base
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 19mm
  • Loom: 200mm
  • Color: White
  • Mounting: Bulkhead, pole, deck, and underdeck mounting
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