Raritan PH Superflush Toilet (No Soft Close Seat)Zoom

Raritan PH Superflush Toilet (No Soft Close Seat)

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PH Superflush Toilet (No Soft Close Seat)

The PH pump used on the PH Superflush is a design that is timeless. This pump was originally designed in the 1960s for the U.S. Navy and while it is no longer built of bronze it has undergone some improvements over the years but the basic function remains the same.

The dual action pump is 66% larger in diameter than any competitive toilet on the market. Because the housing is larger it more easily moves more water in and out of the bowl meaning you spend less time pumping and more time enjoying your time on the water. If water usage is a concern the intake water can easily be turned off and the unit can still be pumped to allow flushing with virtually no water being used.

The designed base enables this unique manual/electric toilet to easily install in installations where the builder has chosen only a mass-produced manual toilet.

In addition to the larger housing, the pump also boasts a full-size joker valve which helps to prevent clogs and improves the flushing action. A lever handle rather than a T-grip allows all users to flush the toilet with incredible ease! It is during pumping that you realize how much difference the larger pump housing makes! Only a few pumps of the handle and the toilet is flushed. Smaller housing means many up and down pumps of the handle to move only a little bit of water. The air vent added on in the 1980s allows the user to close the intake water while still pumping and prevents pressure build-up. Being able to flush the toilet without adding water has many benefits including the ability to empty out the bowl while in heavy seas. Each unit comes with a slow-close seat that includes stops on the underside of the seat to help prevent the seat from shifting while in use in heavy seas.

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