Macris Industries MIU60 Underwater LED - GreenZoom

Macris Industries MIU60 Underwater LED - Green

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MIU60 Underwater LED - Green

Our largest underwater light currently available, the MIU60 V7 packs serious power and size! Create large unbroken swathes of light by choosing the worlds largest underwater light. 24 inches long, 4 inches tall and 0.35 inches thick (610mm by 102mm by 8.9mm) and packing 90W of total power for a very bright, very versatile lamp for larger vessels 35’ and up. Color options are consistent with our MIU15 and MIU30 size classes: White, Ice Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Wintergreen and Aqua.  Features Composite Laminate Technology (CLT) and a full billet hardcoated Polycarbonate chassis and OSRAM discrete LEDs.

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