Edson Leather Spreader Boots Kit - LargeZoom

Edson Leather Spreader Boots Kit - Large

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Leather Spreader Boots Kit - Large

Mariners have been using leather for centuries to prevent premature wear of their sails. Leather will easily outlast and outperform materials of lesser quality, like rubber or tape, when exposed to sun and salt in the harsh marine environment. Edson’s custom-cut, hand-stitched Leather Spreader Boots will protect your sails from costly tears and chafe, providing you peace of mind at sea and leaving more money in your pocket. Each kit includes two pre-punched Dove Gray Leather Spreader Boot Covers, heavy waxed polyester thread for lacing, hand-stitching needle and instructions.

Size large - 9-1/2" circumference, 3" diameter.

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