NavPod PED4900-09 PedestalPod Pre-Cut f/Raymarine c95, c97, e95 & e97 f/9.5" Wide Guard - Carbon BlackZoom

NavPod PED4900-09 PedestalPod Pre-Cut f/Raymarine c95, c97, e95 & e97 f/9.5" Wide Guard - Carbon Black

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PED4900-09 PedestalPod Pre-Cut for Raymarine c95, c97, e95 & e97 for 9.5" Wide Guard - Carbon Black

PedestalPods are better than bracket mounting. Very sturdy and secure, yet clean and attractive, this mount provides protection of your fishfinder/chartplotter from the harshest of wet boating conditions. PedestalPods provide the convenience of easily reaching and controlling the fishfinder/chartplotter while providing added security with protection from theft.

PedestalPods position your fishfinder/chartplotter at 20" off the deck and located near the bow and at the 45° angle for ease of viewing while fishing. This allows the user to easily reach and access the fishfinder/chartplotter for changes to range, zoom or even control the trolling motor.

PedestalPods are manufactured with a double gasket system that provides an excellent watertight seal keeping spray off the electrical connections on the back of your fishfinder/chartplotter assuring reliability and longevity of your marine electronics. 

Your fishfinder/chartplotter is easily flush mounted into the pre-cut face of the NavPod. The heavy duty, powder coated aluminum pedestal tube is 3” in diameter with a 5” round base and has a large 1.75” opening providing plenty of room for running wires and connectors internally for a very clean look and provides protection for wires and electrical connectors from water intrusion, UV exposure or damage from just getting kicked or snagged and ripped out of their sockets.

NavPods come with a security wrThere are pre-cut models available for 7", 9" and 12" LCD displays from all major marine electronic manufacturers.ench and nickel chrome-plated stainless steel tamperproof screws for protection from theft.

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