Nobeltec TZ Professional WASSP Module - Digital DownloadZoom

Nobeltec TZ Professional WASSP Module - Digital Download

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TZ Professional WASSP Module - Digital Download

The TZ WASSP Plus Pack allows you to integrate the cutting-edge WASSP Sounder with TZ Professional for an unrivaled commercial fishing system.
This sounder sends out beams in multiple directions so that it can detect 120 individual points at a time. Instead of just recording the depth of your boat's position like mono-beam sounders, WASSP also registers the depth of the area surrounding your boat.
Create a highly-accurate and detailed bathymetric faster than you ever imagined!

Create your Bathy Chart Faster than Ever
Connect the WASSP Sounder via Ethernet to your computer. Once you add the TZ WASSP Plus Pack to your software, a range of powerful integration features are unlocked between the two systems.
Unlike sounders that detect only the depth directly beneath the boat, the WASSP Sounder registers 120 different points in multiple directions around your vessel. This means that your TIMEZERO software can create a bathymetric chart for a much wider area after just one pass.
WASSP detects 120 points at a time, allowing recording of a very wide area in one pass.

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