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OceanLED X Series OceanDMX Kit

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X Series OceanDMX Kit

Take control of your OceanLED X Series Colors lights via your iOS or Android device. With the OceanDMX App for Android and iOS, you have all the control and customization you need to create any scene or light display you wish, with full control over sensitivity, speed, and brightness. Choose between standard static, cycle, or strobe modes. Alternatively, use audio or wave motion modes to control the color scheme of your choice. The OceanDMX App has been custom designed with an easy-to-use menu structure for use solely with the new OceanDMX Controller, which transmits its own unique WiFi network for your mobile device to connect with. To use audio control, simply attach your vessel's sound system to the DMX controller via a standard audio jack. In wave motion mode, you can create a dramatic display whilst on the move upon wave impact.

OceanLED Colours App

  • Free download for iOS / Android
  • Compatible with OceanLED X Series & Xtreme DMX Series XP8 / XP16
  • Unlimited Color Control
  • 6 storable presets
  • Strobe / dimming / cycle modes
  • Dynamic Audio control mode
  • Dynamic Motion control mode
  • Easy to use menu system

DMX WiFi Controller

  • Dedicated WiFi access point
  • IP66 Control Box
  • Compatible with OceanLED Pro Series Colors HD
  • Semi transparent LID
  • LED indicators
  • 12/24v DC
  • Robust polycarbonate design
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