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Seaview 8' Radar Mast Pole Kit w/2 Strut Kits

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8' Radar Mast Pole Kit with 2 Strut Kits

Seaview offers a 8' tall Pole Kit for just about any application. This Seaview Pole Kit is equipped with a adjustable base that has a small 5-1/4" x 3" footprint and a water tight Cable Seal, which can be easily disassembled for pole removal.


  • Fixed Top Plate - A Seaview Top Plate is included with each pole kit to fit closed dome radars. No longer the unwanted “swiss cheese” look with a Seaview modular top plate. These plates result in only 4 visible mounting screws to secure electronics. A anodized 1/4" thick aluminum plate is pre-drilled to fit most marine electronics. This aluminum plate is then encased in a UV stable glass filled ABS white plastic. Each top plate is dimpled to match the provided drill templates for easy and precise drilling for your specific marine electronic. 
  • Supports - There are several strut supports depending on which Seaview Pole Kit you choose. A rail stand-off kit and a 48" long strut.
  • 48" Struts - Also made from high polished stainless steel are the 48" long struts. 
  • Adjustable Base - A hard anodized adjustable base with a water tight Cable Seal. The adjustable base measures 5-1/4" x 3". 


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